4 thoughts on “Allen & Heath Xone:32 Teardown”

  1. Which ic in power supply on allen & heath xone 32 mixer plz give me the number or ic..

  2. Very informative post on a great mixer . Does anybody have any idea as of why my left channel on my headphones always hiss ? (not a cable or headphone problem). Thank you

  3. Hi! Very useful Thank you!
    last year some idiot flooded my 32 with Bloody Mary….so I bought a djm400….
    Last month I started reading stuff on people solving these problems with their dishwasher….
    I tried a stem cleaner (after more than a year the tomato juice was rock solid) and it worked…:-)
    Well, I will probably have to replace the cross fader and the PSU board that still has some shorts…that bloody mary literally corroded the surface of the board at its edge.
    Tomorrow I’ll buy some deoxid and pray but hey……the feeling is to deal with an army grade dj mixer….tough as a tank !!

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